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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Our COVID Journey Day 21 - 11/1/20

🤍🦋😷I did not update yesterday. I let my live drumming suffice.

🤍🦋😷Today is day 21. Three weeks since Raymond first exhibited symptoms. It seems like just yesterday. It seems like forever. We are continuing to social distance which is wearing on both of us. We both NEED a hug!!! Soon...

🤍🦋😷Raymond is doing great! He continues to improve. Yesterday he walked around the backyard to see how his oxygen and heart rate needs held up. Heart rate is a little above normal, especially for him, and his oxygen was above 90. Great news. He will see his PCP on Wednesday and hopefully learn more about how he’s doing internally.

🤍🦋😷Later in the day we took another small walk around our front yard and down the street a short ways. He is starting to get bored of being isolated in the healing room. Boredom is good. It means he’s feeling well enough to want more. He can focus to read and watch movies.

🤍🦋😷We are so grateful for the miracle that is love, prayer and God’s grace and mercy. And, of course, modern medicine. Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers. We offer you our gratitude and our love.

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