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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Thank you for this day

May I greet it with the

Eyes, ears, mouth and heart of a child
May I experience the wonder
Of Being
In this magnificent
Physical body

May I experience the world
May I experience the people
And circumstances of the world
Through the eyes of my innocence

I dig deep to find
That place
That place of safety and trust
I dig deep to remember
The innocence
That was once mine
Or perhaps it just floats
To the surface
As I allow myself
To wonder and wander

I AM Holy
I AM Blessed
I AM made in the image
Of the Divine
That means that
I AM perfect
Just as I AM

And that means
That YOU are made in the image
Of the Divine
And YOU are perfect
Just as you are
Right here
Right now
In this moment
Of Holy Bliss
In this moment
Of remembrance

Stay here for a moment
Before you immerse yourself
In the activities of daily living
Stay here and savor
The beauty of this moment
This breath
This smell
This experience

Throughout the day
Go back to this moment
Of holiness before the
Sun is up
While the world sleeps
Revel in the quiet
Bathe in the peace
Of this Holy moment of now

Use this moment of now
To inform
How you move
Through your day

Use this moment of now
To inform how you touch
To inform how you speak
To those you encounter
On your journey on
This blessed day
In this moment
Of blissful recognition
Of the
One True Source

The Divine in me
Sees and honors
The Divine in you
May we meet
In this moment
Of remembrance
Today and everyday

And so it is.

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